Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finding Old Patterns

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all.  Today we are celebrating with Chocolate Stout Ice cream and our friends.  Remember them from a few weeks ago?

And some crocheted leprechaun Gold for us all!
A while back, someone asked about the pattern for the Easy Doily that I made.  The original link ( that I posted did not work anymore (sad days).  I found the best way to find old pages is the wayback machine,  You will type in the link and then take me back.  THis will bring up a list of where the pattern can be found.  It shows you the different pages that should be it for each year.  I do not even try to understand how this technology works, but I am just greatful (and it is why I print out patterns -- backup!!  haha).  Now you have a new link of:

That was for the Easy Doily, for those who asked :)

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