Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bread Basket Scrubby

I finished another scrubby for our kitchen.  I love both the bright colors of this yarn and the awesomeness of this pattern.  Thanks to Laurie at Big Girl Jewelry for another fantastic kitchen pattern!  If you want to make a bread basket scrubby of your own, you can purchase the pattern here on Ravelry, or buy it from her etsy shop!

I am also really excited because I realized that I have now finished at least one pattern from each month!  Yay!  The Best Baby Cloche was an August pattern -- which was the last month left without a completed project!  You can check out the Completed Projects page at the top of my site to see my progress.  Let me know if you complete any of the items from patterns found here, I would love to see how your projects turn out!


  1. I L-O-V-E this yarn! Which colorway is it?

  2. I'm not sure!! Let me see if I can find the wrapper! And thanks amazey. :)

  3. oohhh. megan that thing looks really handy. id better cue one for me!

  4. Okay, the colorway is Chrysanthemums. And Pren, you definitely should! I love the crocheted scrubbies cuz I can just throw them in the wash after a few days (when they start to get stinky!)


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