Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More completed projects and a lot on the hook!

Hello!  Happy Hump Day to you all!  Enough of that sewing business... I wanted to share some of my recently completed crochet projects with you and update you with what I am working on.  Well I have been crocheting the Easy Doily (September 17) FOREVER (seriously, I started in October), the Tiramisu Blanket (March 21) for awhile now, and the Gingham Blanket (December 24) since December -- but I am now onto the edging.  I joined all of the squares over the weekend. 

What really makes no sense is my desire to start something new on Friday.  I decided to do something quick and easy... the Carrot Egg Cozy (March 30).  It took less than an hour and is now ready for Easter.  I also got started on the Durango + Robin's Egg Blue hat (January 13), which I have been wanting to make for over a year.  Today I realized it was the birthday of one of my favorite five year olds, so I started making a Hello Kitty beanie (November 3) for her -- and I finished it!!  That means I now have four things that I am working on (plus a scarf and a ladybug beanie which have long since been frogged)!  But now... completed items.

March 30:  Carrot Egg Cozy

November 3:  Kitty Cat Beanie

What are you all working on?


  1. I wish I was working on something as cute as that kitty hat. My daughter would LOVE it! On my to-do list it goes, if it's not there already from your original post. I'm trying to finish up some boring old washcloths for a preschool fundraiser. Not nearly as fun as little hats!

  2. Awww thanks Megan! Good luck on the washcloths... just get em done real quick! :)

  3. I'm KNITTING! With any luck I'll finish my first real knitting project EVER today, then back to some crochet patterns that need writing. Here's the Ravelry link to the project I'm working right now. It's one of the reasons I made a New Year's resolution to teach myself to purl.

  4. I love that you used beads as holly berries on your Christmas pudding - very clever!

  5. Laurie, That is awesome! I can't wait to see how it looks once finished!

    June, thank you! I LOVE the pattern!

  6. oh my gosh your carrot egg cozy just cracked me the heck up! look at that pudgy adorable little thing. so cute.


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