Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17: Easy Doily - COMPLETED

Pattern # 260:  Easy Doily [no idea why, but the link is not working, and I can't find the pattern anywhere else.  So sorry!  But glad I printed it out last year!]  Try this link.

Remember when I warned you about all of the upcoming doily patterns?  Well it is not yet doily week, but know that it is most definitely near!  This pattern is from the American Thread Company in 1956.  I think it is so cool that we still have access to patterns over 50 years old -- it really connects me with my roots! haha


Edited 3/1/2011:  I am finally finished!  I started this doily in October and it has been one of those nagging projects ever since!  It was a great project to bring to Hawaii (fit in my carryon and all), but then went on the backburner once I got home.  Here is a picture of the completed doily, with a penny to show how large it is!

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