Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Hat

I actually crocheted this hat back in August, but did not get a picture until today!  Matt was wearing the hat this morning, and I just grabbed my camera to get a few shots!  I like how it turned out.  I definitely recommend Laurie's patterns from Big Girl Jewelry (etsy or ravelry) for any crochet project.  They are super easy to understand and always turn out looking fantastic, just like my husband!  haha  This was his 2010 Christmas hat, but he did get it early (in September).

[no, she does not pay me to endorse her business, but she has provided me with the patterns :)  Any and all views are my own.]


  1. that hat looks really nice. I like the ridges at the top there.

  2. What a ruggedly handsom young man you have there, Miss MEGAN :0}

  3. Laurie does come up with some amazing and unique patterns! And Paula, why thank you, he is ruggedly handsome! ;)


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