Monday, February 14, 2011

2 Hats, a blanket, and a bag!

Hello!  This weekend I was able to get away to a house in the desert with my parents.  It was super relaxing, and we spent most of our time relaxing by the pool in the backyard.  I was also able to finish up some crochet projects.  Yay!  For more info on each project (like the yarn I used and any changes to the pattern), just click on the link to the original post.  I often post more pictures on the original post as well!  Can you tell that I took each of these pictures, sitting on the couch, late last night?? hahaha

Jan 13:  Durango + Robin's Egg Blue Hat (one for me and one for Jen D.)

December 24:  Gingham Blanket (for baby Alina)

June 12:  Fresh Produce Bag (for all of my current crochet projects on the go!)

I finished up another project, but it is for an Iron Craft Challenge, so it gets its own post!


  1. Very nice! Love the market bag! don't ya just love getting those WIP's done?! :)

  2. Love the hats! By the way, I'm working that kitty beanie for my daughter and so far it's going well. It's my first attempt at making a hat!

  3. Wow, lots on the go Megan, very nice. I love the hats.

  4. I do love finishing projects! Such a fantastic feeling!

  5. Thanks to everyone! And Meg, way to go! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. oohhh! well done! that pink hat is awesome!


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