Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge #5: Be Mine

This week's Iron Craft Challenge is all about LOVE.  We were challenged to make a valentine for someone we love.  Well I got a little excited and made Valentines for lots of people that I love.  It all started last week when I decided to make sewn cards with fabric scraps.  The idea was that I could send one with each etsy order, so the recipient could use it (and it would match).  Here are my first two:

As you may have noticed, the first one (left) was a bit messy and the scraps were sewn straight onto the card.  This left the back of the card looking like a total disaster. By round two, with a little advice from the hubs, I decided to first sew onto an index card, and then sew the card onto the folded card.  Then you still see stiches on the card, but not a zillion. 

I made a third card that night, much neater thant he previous two!  Also, I used a gluestick on the back of the index card before sewing it on... just wanted to keep those thread ends tucked in!  Each of these is going to a friend whom I love.

A day or so later came the Iron Craft Valentine Challenge.  I wanted to make a few Valentine's for specific people -- with specific fabric.  There is school fabric for a teacher friend, traveling / luggage tag fabric for a far away sister, polka dots and hearts for friends closer to home, soccer stuff for my beloved, and wine for one special wine loving cousin of mine!

I am really pleased with the final result!  And thankful that Joanns had cards on clearance so I could finally push myself to try this whole sewing on paper thing out.  I mean, seriously, I have been wanting to do this for months!!

And because you asked so nicely, here is the back of a card.  :)


  1. fun...pretty...and VERY environmentally conscious...

    Nice job, Meg!

  2. Thanks girl! It was definitely a fun project!!

  3. Oh Em Geeee!! I too have been wanting to try the fabric on card thing. I totally love what you've done...perhaps this will be my new craft now that my shower gift is complete!!

    Are they just plain white cards from Joanns?

  4. Okay . . I want to see what the backs do look like whn you get them done the way you want it.

    I have heard of this and thought it would be neat to do also.a

  5. Those are awesome! Super cute.

  6. Thank you!
    @Jess - they are plain white cards from Joanns.
    @Paula - I updated the post with a picture of the back, just for you! :)

  7. Okay, another question . . . do you sew the items on material annd then sew all of it to the cad . . . with material on the inside of the card to catch the threads?

    Did I make sense?

  8. It is all material :) So I pick on piece, sew it down. then sew the next over it. So if you look at the one with the purple back, I sewed the hot pink first, then the light pink, then the tiny hearts strip and finally the red heart. Once all of that was done, I gluesticked the index card to the regular card and sewed a straight stitch all the way around. Does that make sense?


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