Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 10: Cornucopia -- COMPLETED

Pattern # 283:  Cornucopia

I put these patterns in my delicious account many many months ago.  As in, last fall.  I would love to have my own crocheted fall decorations -- wouldn't that be cute?  I think so!  Today's pattern is just the cornucopia part of the picture, not all of the veggies & such.... those are each going to have their own post later this week!

I think cornucopias are more Thanksgivingish.  So I am going to make this week all about gratitude.  Each day I will discuss something that I am greatful for.  Today I am very greatful for my husband.  He is wonderful and meets (almost) all of my needs!  He encourages me in my craftiness, and is really pushing me to start my own business!

What is one person that you are greatful for?  And, is it spelled greatful or grateful?  I can't decide!!


Updated November 15, 2012: This cornucopia was pretty easy to crochet. Most of the stitching was done in the back loops, to give it that basket look. I love unique patterns like that! The rest of the cornucopia series can be found here.


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