Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mar 23: Arches Square - COMPLETED

Pattern #82: Arches Square

This pattern from Dayna A is just incredibly cool. It is intricate and beautiful. You can crochet this in multiple colors or just a few. This would make a beautiful blanket!


Updated 9/29/2011:  I found out that DEbbie Macomber (one of my favorite authors) lost her grown son a  few months back.  The "Good Yarn" (her book series on knitting) group on Ravelry is creating  a blanket for her.  I wanted to do my share and send some love her way.  I made a couple granny squares and this arches square.  I had to stop a row early to make it 5", but I love it anyways.  Super cute.  I think I should do it in a different yarn, because it looks kinda funky!  The pattern is great though!

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