Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finished Pumpkins!

I wanted to show off some of the pumpkins in our little pumpkin patch.

First we have Melody's.  This is my hometown friend who I think needs a blog.  She is cooking through Julia Child's cookbook and makes other yummy stuff.  She also sews and crochets gorgeous things.  She is going to open an etsy soon, and I told her she HAS to get a blog first! hehe  Anywho, she is a little overachiever with 3 pumpkins and a ghost!!

Next, we have Missie's pumpkin from Crafting with Cat Hair.  I totally understood her problem once she explained her blog name -- cat hair was always getting in her projects!  haha  Our cats are currently in the garage  because my hubby is allergic and we have to avoid all allergens for the next 14 weeks as he is in treatment.  :(  Anyways, Missie's pumpkin turned out super cute!

The last picture for today is Joan's pumpkin from Just Joan.  She linked up with a pumpkin from a previous CAL, but I let her do it because it adds nice variety!

Again, the pumpkin pattern is from Planet June, and Mel's ghost is from Lion Brand.  I'm not sure what pattern Joan used.


  1. Thanks for posting my pic, Megan! LOL I'm gonna have to start a blog someday - peer pressure! :-)

  2. Peer pressure -- in a good way! haha Glad to post your picture!


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