Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 29: Hexagon Blanket - COMPLETED

Pattern # 363:  Hexagon Blanket

This pattern from Attic 24 is amazing!  I mean seriously, how gorgeous does this blanket look.  And if you are a new crocheter, than Lucy's directions are perfect for you.  She breaks each thing down step by step with brilliant pictures, so even the daftest of people could understand!!  My goal is to make a blanket... but what colors should I use??


Updated June 27, 2013: It took me forever, but I finally finished this dang hexagon blanket! Remember when I shared the start last year? Yeah. It took me FOREVER to find the motivation to finish this bad boy. I kept putting off weaving in the ends, even though there were not too many (because I tried to weave as I went).

 It is a gorgeous blanket though. I had two friends who had girls who were supposed to get this... those kids are now one and six months. Whoops.

Updated January 2014. I gave this to a friend when she adopted her newborn daughter. It was perfect. Like it was meant for her. Here she is...


  1. Hello Megan:)
    This patchwork- hexagon is beautifully:))

  2. Megan..
    You should pick the colors according to your room... I guess thats a good idea... Im making one but using African Flower Hexagon in colors such us pink (various tones), yellows, greens, blues... if you want to take a look at the tutorial you can find the link in my blog

    Pam from Chile

  3. Beautiful! Love the colours and the finished overall shape is stunning, a gorgeous piece of work....Julia x

    1. Thank you! I am quite happy with it as well!! :)


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