Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3: Candy Cane Ornament - COMPLETED

Pattern # 337:   Candy Cane Ornament

Another fantastic ornament from Planet June!  How fun are these candy canes?  You could make these for her Christmas Crochet Along, if you want (you know, instead of the Christmas pudding ornament)!

Updated August 5, 2012: My goal is to make one new holiday item for my home each season. That way I am not overwhelmed with projects that I want to do, but I will still have handmade decor in my home. This candy cane was one of those items. I made the mistake of thinking I could use wire instead of a pipe cleaner -- bad idea! I ended up having to hot glue the ends. This will probably have to be tossed before we have kids (I can just imagine that wire somehow poking back out eventually). Anywho, here is a picture.


  1. Very cute! You could use this for all kinds of Christmas goodies!

  2. I like this! I have time to squeeze it in with all the other Christmas projects??

  3. Clara, you definitely can! And Mindy -- I bet you can totally squeeze it in! haha


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