Monday, December 20, 2010

Checking in and Congrats

Happy Monday.  Well not really.  I flew in from my parents this morning, arriving at 7 am (yes that means my flight was at 6 am and I was at the airport before the clock said 5) and then booking it to work.  My luggage has yet to arrive.  I will say that Southwest was incredibly helpful and they offered either a $50 travel voucher if I picked up my bags, or a free delivery.  I opted for the delivery and the bags will arrive at the office later today (they just called to let me know they were coming).  Anywho, I am a bit behind with posting.  Sorry, that seems to have been happening on most weekends lately -- I am one busy girl.  Anywho, I wanted to announce the winners of the Sew Mama Sew giveaways!!

In case you were wondering what is on my crochet hooks -- I'm still working on a blanket for my mother in law and a cuff bracelet for my sister.  Know where they are, in that bag that Southwest is delivering!! haha

But first, I wanted to say thank you so much to all of you.  I have been so terribly busy lately that I have not had the time to visit all of your blogs, as I plan to.  After Christmas, I hope to spend some time with the computer "meeting" each and every one of you.  I do hope you stick around, and let me know what you think I can do with this blog come January -- I still have no idea!  haha  Oh yeah, and I used to choose the winners.  It would have been much easier to draw names, because counting back from 180 to 136 was tiring! haha  Also, there is a good chance that I will do another giveaway once I hit 100 followers.  I never thought I would be this close!

Giveaway #1 was a crochet set including yarn and all sorts of other fun goodies.  The winner was Robyn who said, "My favorite craft is sewing. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I adore your spooky coasters. Thanks for the giveaway!"  Since she loves to sew so much, I just may throw in some extra FQs!  You should check out the cute felt ornaments that she made on her blog!

Giveaway #2 was for the coasters and materials, a copycat of my Newly Wife giveaway.  The winner was Deborah at Homemaker Honey.  She said, "French Vanilla Coffee - yum!"  Check out her blog, as well, and Deborah, I hope you enjoy your French Vanilla Coffee with your new coasters!

As always, the winners have 3 days to get back to me.  If they have not done so, I may draw a new name.  My goal is to get the packages in the mail before Christmas, but I make no promises!



    I love the fact that you take the time to find patterns to post. I have found so many things I want to make through your log that I have had to start a seperate bookmark folder for you :0}

  2. Awww thanks! Maybe I will keep posting patterns, just without the time limit to crochet everything!!

  3. The time limit thing has to be nerve wracking isn't it? I stress myself out enough without adding more of my own 'self-imposed' stress onto it. :o) xoxo

  4. That IS a good idea... keep posting. This is a great place to visit every day. Seeing one pattern per day is probably much less intimidating to a newbie than visiting a site like Ravelry (as much as I love them and they're based in MA!) where you find so much so quickly it can be overwhelming.

  5. Maybe you can keep us up to date about how your patterns are getting along. Tell us what you like about them, where you found some difficulties, how you solved the problems you encountered, what new tricks you learned... And throw in some patterns now and then as well. Just don't forget to take some time for yourself now and then as well!

  6. Laurie, Thanks for the encouragement. You are right about just seeing 1 pattern versus the mountains you find at Rav!

    Lies, that's a fantastic idea as well! And yes, time to myself is necessary. I would also like to design some patterns, and keeping up with the daily posting gets in the way with that!

  7. Hooray! So happy to have won! Thank you!

    Homemaker Honey


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