Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2: Gingerbread House

Pattern # 336:  Gingerbread House Ornament

This month is flying by way too fast already.  So many cute projects -- so little time!  And I'm glad you all liked the Santa so much... here is another cute ornament from Lion Brand!

Picture from Lion Brand:


  1. Another great ornament and would be a perfect applique for all kinds of things. Thanks again Meg!

  2. I was just thinking that it would be great to have a tree decorated in nothing but crocheted ornaments.....

  3. I think these ornaments are great to embellish packages. Then the recipient gets an added gift!

  4. That is too cute. How fun! All the details are so perfect!

  5. Clara - I never thought about it as an applique, fantastic idea!
    Laurie - That would be fun! Maybe next year!
    Catherine - my thoughts exactly! It makes the gifts really cute too!
    Mindy They are perfect, makes me wonder if I can do it! haha


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