Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22: Christmas Trees (2 patterns!!) - COMPLETED

Pattern # 356:  Christmas Tree

I love the style of the tree.  It is very different from any others that I have found before!  And it is one very very long chain. Well chain + ripple effect, wrapped around a cone.  How cool.  She uses two different colors to get the effect that she has.  I wonder what it would look like with color changing yarn???

Updated January 10, 2014: I finished this cute little tree before Christmas this year. It turned out cute, but definitely did not photograph that well! It's one really long chain thing (two rows, I believe) that you crochet and then wrap around a Styrofoam cone!

Okay, we have another pattern today, because it caught my eye and I can do what I want.  Both trees are awesome!

Pattern #356a:  Ribbon Christmas Tree

This one is from Amanda at Pardon My Chaos.  How fun is it?  Like the old ribbon candy!
Updated December 20, 2013: This tree also did not photograph well, but it sure looks cute in person! And my hand sure is cute. Whomp whomp.


  1. I saw one made with pom-poms that you tie together . . with the yasrn that "pulls" the pom-pom-s together.

    She made the pom-poms with green and white yarn and it made the tree look "flocked."

    Hum . . I think it was on Craft Passion . . . not sure though . . but to finish it it was wrapped around and glued too a styrophome cone.

    I REALLY like the "ribbon" candy tree.

  2. I lied . . . . the pom-pom tree is on Planet June.

  3. I saw that one too! It is very cute!

  4. The ribbon one is adorable! It just needs beads or some other tiny embellishment.

    The top one is great too, very pretty...I use mostly coned yarn so I have tons of those cardboard cones waiting to be recycled into something.


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