Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 5: Holiday Penguin - COMPLETED

Pattern # 339:  Holiday Penguin

This week is full of holiday amigurumi patterns (sorry for being a day late with this!).  I love Christmas, so that's why this month is ALL about Christmas!  This penguin is going to be a gift for my friend who LOVES penguins.  No idea when she is gonna get it though!


Updated 12/1/2011: My friend should be receiving that penguin any day now! I shipped it out on Monday! I really like sending gifts in the mail. It is a total unexpected surprise. :) I love how the little guy turned out, and I hope she does too. My only complaint - I felt like I did not stuff him enough. Matt said it was fine, and not worth detaching the head to restuff. Hopefully that was the right call!

I could not decide which picture I liked best, so you get all three!


  1. Hmmm... wondering if I have the right colors in my stash for this. My niece would love it!

  2. Laurie - I bet you could find the right colors! and Mindy, penguins are just too fun!


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