Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hexagon Progess

Finally! I have a picture of a crocheted work in progress to show you! I'm working on three blankets at the moment, as well as a doily and a few other things. Why do I start so many projects at once? Oh well. Here is the hexagon blanket so far.

And no, I am not going in any particular color order. I just threw a bunch of pink, purple, brown and white yarn into my basket and am going with it! The one on the far right is actually dark brown, but the flash made it look black. There is also no blue, just a deep purple that looks blue with the flash!


  1. I love these little hexagons! If you want a quickie project, take two and sew them over some garbage CDs back to back - instant mug-rug (or fun decorative piece)! I took some photos to make a post, but never got to complete it :)

  2. haha I'm the same way - always starting new projects before the last one is finished!

  3. What a great idea, rengawk! And Holly, it's a horrible problem! I blame it on my undiagnosed ADD. haha


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