Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27: Snowflake Garland

Pattern # 361:  Snowflake Garland

Here we have another Coats & Clark snowflake pattern.  I wonder where I could put this garland -- we dont' have any staircases (and I imagine it on a bannister).  Hmmm

Picture from Coats & Clark:


  1. This would look fabulous on a tree, but who's got the time to make it that long. A mantle would be beautiful covered in greens and decked in these little snowflakes.

  2. I think you are right about no one having the time.... if only crocheting were my full time job!! haha The mantle is a great alternative!

  3. i am stinkin in LOVE with this!!!! im queing it right now! i never start my OWN holiday crafting untill after christmas but its ok because i can pack up the item when im done with it and the next year im like OH YAY!!!! its like opening some prezzies early.


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