Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mar 28: Mini Easter Baskets (Easter) - COMPLETED

Pattern #87: Mini Easter Basket

I love Easter. It is the time when Jesus is at the forefront of our minds as we remember his death for us. I participated in a traditional Passover meal last year -- that was awesome. And when I was 13, I went to a Presbyterian church and we did the whole Ash Wednesday service and giving things up for Lent. Now, I don't usually give anything up for Lent. Sometimes I think about it -- but usually I do not.

I also loved new dresses for Easter morning and the big Easter ham and egg hunt at Mama's house afterwards (well originally at the Florys). Recently, traditions have changed as the kids have grown up. We haven't had any Easter egg hunts in awhile (I wanted to hide some for Davis last year -- he did not find that amusing haha), but I still love Easter baskets. Matthew does not get it, but know that I am just going to do Christmas stockings & Easter baskets for us -- until we have kids. Then the kids get all the goodies (okay, we will still have our own stockings!). Anywho, I needed some Easter decorations. Actually, I have some. An "egg tree" that I got (well my mom got it for me) while in Austria. I need to put those out. Anywho, I wanted mor Easter decor. So for the next 2 weeks you will see all things Easter. And yes, most will be commercialized (bunnies, baskets, eggs) things and not the real reminders (cross, lambs) because those are much harder to find! I hope you enjoy this Easter season with me!

Our first pattern is from Marilee at Blogless Knitting. I bet these would be super fast. Maybe I can finish these for this Easter... And here is her picture:


Updated June 16, 2014: As you notice, the pattern at the top of this page is crossed out. That is because when I first blogged about it, it was a free pattern, and it is now available for purchase. One of the things I did with this blog (unintentionally, but maybe because I'm a cheapskate) was only post free patterns. Occasionally I would post a link to a cool pattern for purchase, but all of my challenge patterns were free. So I have replaced the above pattern with this one.

And as you can see. It's cute. Crocheted in two strands for a sturdy little basket, I found the pattern delightful! They will be perfect next Easter!

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