Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mar 18: Shamrock Granny Square (St Patricks Day)

Pattern #77: Shamrock Granny Square

This pattern from Jackie Karp is super festive. I cannot see myself making a whole blanket with this square... but wouldn't it be cool to have a month - by - month blanket? I can see it now. This one for March. The heart for February. Now what can I use for the other 10 months??

Picture from Karp Designs:


  1. Snowflakes for January! And a Christmas tree for December! And then my inspiration runs out as well... I might come back on this one ;-)

  2. Pumpkins for October and something schoolish for September, that's a great idea! And fireworks for July? In Belgium we celebrate our national holiday on 21 July, so it works here as well :-) And sea, sun and sand for August? Bright flowers for May? Then April and November are the only ones left!


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