Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Apr 6: Cosmos Doily - COMPLETED

Pattern #96: Candy Basket

It's still Easter week (the second round) over here and there are plenty more baskets where this came from! I love the simplicity of this one!


Updated January 15, 2014: Well, I decided not to crochet the above basket. I'm not really sure why as the pattern is still accessible, except that it took me awhile to find it when I went searching and I think I just wanted to use something else. (because I had way too many Easter basket patterns). So today's pattern is now the Cosmos Doily and I made it in Christmas colors. Totally like Easter, right? Oy. I think it turned out looking more like an Italian flag. You can't even see the design well. And this is why I don't often use variegated yarn!!


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