Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17: Flowers in the Snow Blanket - COMPLETED

Pattern #198: Hexagon Throw

I spent the past few days going through my friend's queues on Ravelry and finding fun new things to crochet. I cannot remember who had this in her queue, but I immediately fell in love with it! Now I just need to finish my heart square blanket (my friend's baby is due in 4 days), so I can get started on something new!


Updated August 14, 2014: So I already crocheted a hexagon blanket. As has happened a few times before, I didn't realize that I posted basically the same pattern. So I tossed the hexagon one and created this one instead -- Flowers in the Snow. I love how it came out. Seriously, one of my most favorite blankets so far!


  1. I have this in my queue as well. Are you going to start it soon? I love blankets like these, but I'm a bit scared to start making them. A bit like my second sock syndrome I'm afraid, scared that it will take me months to finish it all. And that's still thinking positively ;-)

  2. I think I got it from your queue -- couldn't remember whose I found it in! And I'm not sure when I am going to start it. I finished the La Push blanket and I'm almost finished with a baby blanket, so I think I'm gonna do some smaller projects for awhile! haha Have you ever made a blanket before? It is actually much easier than I thought. Attic24 has some great joining tutorials. I can give ya her link if you want!

  3. The only thing I ever crocheted that was made from granny squares was a small bag. I had to do 12 squares, which wasn't that much of a problem, but the weaving in of the ends took ages! One day I'll get enough courage to start a blanket, and, who knows, even finish it ;-)

  4. Hey Lies! a full sized blanket is a breeze if you think of it as a bunch of small projects. The only issue I ever have is in the joining....I begin to lose interest because I find joining squares tedious. An easy fix for that is to join squares as I finish enough for each row, then join each row as it's finished. I've never worked an afghan made with hex shaped motifs, but I suspect it could work the same way.

  5. BGJ - The joining of squares is actually fun to me. It's the weaving (like Lies said) that kills me every time. I have started to make myself weave in the ends as I go. It makes it much better! And that is a great idea about joining as you go as well.

    And yes, joining a hexagon afghan would work in the same way. I have a friend who just made one with hexagons and squares and triangles, and she joined it kind of a row at a time.

  6. As I was learning to crochet, Mom taught me to weave in as I go so I guess it's never been something for me to dread; it's just automatic. When I make a motif based pattern, I weave the last end of each motif as I join so it makes it less of a daunting task.

    LOL Too many shapes would mess with my already disorganized mind.


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