Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ravelry Designers

In honor of fruit week, I am sharing this designer from Ravelry. I can't list her patterns here, because I only list free patterns here. hehe But I have to give her a shoutout. If I ever break down and buy patterns, hers will be up high on the list! (the other is this super cute amigurumi Nativity Scene). Anywho, check out Melbangel and let me know if you would crochet anything from her. And yes, you have to be a Ravelry member to check her out. But here are some pics (all hers) of my favorites:

How cute were those drumsticks? And that Banana Split? Oh goodness they look good enough to eat!

My Ravelry searching also let me to another pattern designer. Sky Magenta. She has some amazing stuff as well. I mean, if you do not have a Ravelry account, get one so that you can see her stuff. Freaking fantastic. Then again, you can always check her out on her own site. I tried to figure out if anyone had actually done her patterns. There were no projects on Ravelry. But there were over 1000 sold on her etsy, so people have to have crocheted these things. I would like you, if you read this, to put your finished project on Ravelry so I can see what those of us humans (aka not super crocheters like her) can do! Here are some pics (again, all hers, from Ravelry):

I also want this book. Matt, if you are reading, I know my birthday is over, but I really want this :) If you have a Ravelry, check out all of the projects made from the book here. So awesome!

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