Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13: Cordial Cup w/ Whipped Cream - COMPLETE

Pattern #103: Cordial Cup with Whipped Cream

This pattern is like my very own tiny birthday cake! Someday, I would like to have a mantle decorated for each month, like Katie and my mom do. This would be perfect for the month of a birthday! Or each of us could have our own little birthday cake thingie!

Edited: That pattern is just for the whipped cream, here is the pattern for the cup to attach it to :)

I am not so sure how much I like the whipped cream part. I encountered two problems with that part. First, I think I somehow lost a stitch somewhere, but I'm not sure where that happened. And the last part of the instructions are not the clearest. I may try to make it again, or find a video tutorial for those scrubber thingies. It is still cute, but the "whipped cream" is a bit smaller than the example. For now, I call it - completed!


  1. So, how was your b-day? Did you have real cupcakes?

  2. My birthday is actually on Sunday. And I think my hubby is making a cake! haha


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