Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15: Latte Cozy - COMPLETED

Pattern #105: Latte Cozy

This is fitting as today is free coffee day at Starbucks. Or you get free coffee if you bring in a reusable cup. While I do not get coffee that often, I always get a sleeve when I do - so this would be really important to have. Or one of those cute sewed ones that are all over the blogosphere. Anywho, this is my bday week so this is another pattern for me!

I finished this up in a day. And I made one for the hubs too. I did not follow the LB pattern completely - as they have you using different colors of yarn for each stripe. But I used their general structure. I don't think hubby really liked his - who would have thought the chapstick holder was what he really wanted? hahah

Here are some pretty poor pictures, but it's what I have for now. And I have not tried it out with a hot drink yet... this must be an excuse to go get some coffee! :)

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