Saturday, April 10, 2010

Apr 10: Easter Bunnies - COMPLETED

Pattern #100: Easter Bunny

Wow. 100 patterns. That's crazy! And I could not decide which bunny to use for my last Easter pattern, so I am posting 2! I can do that - it's my blog! hahaha  The second bunny is from Very Berry Handmade.
(I will probably make the ears a bit smaller. Those are just too big for me! But wouldn't this be cute as a gift for a new baby??)


Updated 10/9/2011:  I finished both bunnies this weekend.  The first looks really ugly to me. (I actually ended up taking him apart and salvaging the eyes).  The second, super cute.  Not how I first imagined, right?  Yeah, well.  That's just life!  I had the body and head and arms of the second bunny finished a long time ago.  I finished up the legs and ears and attaching this evening.  It all went together pretty quick.  I am rather disappointed that I put this off from April to October.  No fun.  I really like the second bunny though, it is adorable!  Fits perfectly in the palm of my hand!



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