Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Crochet Along, Part 2

It's Wednesday and we are halfway through this Spring Crochet Along. I know there is already one of you who has completed the task! Woo hoo! Actually, two if you count me! Make that three of us so far -- that's just those who posted. I know there's at least one more who has not taken pictures yet!

I finished up a bunch of little Easter Eggs last weekend. I'm glad I opted not to go with the wreath, because these mini eggs make great cat toys! You should see how crazy the kittens go when they bat these things around!
You have one more week to finish up your egg cozy or egg or bunny and tell me all about it. I will try to remember to add links as you guys finish projects! Starting now...

Carrot Egg Cozy from Mindy at In the Loop:

Bethany made some Eggs:

Who's next??


  1. Here are my eggs. I haven't taken care of my ends, because I'm still deciding what to do with them. I hope this link works okay...


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