Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Crochet Along

Easter is just around the corner (less than 2 weeks away) and I want to get a little project completed before we celebrate. I thought some of you might want to join me in this quick challenge. Originally, I was going to make an egg cozy, but I have finished all of the ones that I challenged myself to make!  
Easter basket
Egg Cozies (minus the sheep)
The patterns are awesome, but I want to make something different this year. My plan is to make an egg (or two) from this wreath. You can either do that, or make one of the cozies that I wrote about before.

Here are the pattern links:
Easter Egg Wreath
Chicken Egg Cozy
Bunny Egg Cozy
Lamb Egg Cozy
Carrot Egg Cozy
Ducky Egg Cozy
Bunny (if you're adventurous!)

Chicks and bunny
I LOVE this little bunny!
Here are the details: This week, pick out the pattern that you will make and the supplies you need. Either write a post on your blog and leave the link in the comments, or just leave all of the details in the comments.

Next week we will share our finished products! You have until Wednesday, April 11 to post about them. That's two weeks from today! I hope you join me!

Oh! The best part! There will be some sort of spring giveaway to go along with this. I'm not entirely sure what yet, but probably something from my shop and some yarn. Because I just received a giant lot of yarn from a friend. Who doesn't want free yarn??


  1. I love to do crochet-a-longs (have done Lion Brand ones before, but never yours), and am excited that these are quick little projects! I am going to go some eggs for the wreath. I did like the easter bunny, but the pattern won't open for me, and since I have plenty of SugarNCream sitting around from dishcloths, this pattern works perfectly for me!

    1. Bethany, Awesome! I just checked the bunny link, here is an updated version if you are interested.

      Also, I'm glad to help you use up some scrap yarn!

    2. Thanks for the link - it works :)!

    3. Awesome! I really think the little bunny is just adorable!

  2. I have some dark orange sitting around waiting to be used! I'm going to do the carrot cozy. If all goes well, I'll try the chicken next. ;-) They look fun!

    1. Excellent! I really liked both patterns. They were easy to understand and just so cute!


    But what color??

    Oh and that carrot cozy cracks me up - maybe with a plastic Easter egg hiding inside! I have dark orange yarn too...

    1. So what did you end up making??

    2. Bunny in Red Heart's Cherry Chirp! Hoping to blog/link before East-ah...I made him in one sitting that evening!


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