Monday, April 16, 2012

Rancho Casitas Shirts

You may have noticed our matching shirts in the post about the Baja 500 on Monday.Well, I actually made them myself! When we were down in February, we thought the newly remodeled car looked kinda like the Jeep in Jurassic Park. Matthew decided to use his mad Photoshop (Illustrator) skills and create a logo for the Ranch. He used the Jurassic Park font, and instead of Palm trees put little lofthouses in the bottom. And T-Rex? Well he was turned into Dakota, one of the family's wolf dogs. Pretty funny. I made the screen for them and screened them onto t shirts. Jen was the teacher and wanted "Rancho Casitas Christian School" tshirts for her kids (she taught four at the time). We wanted some for ourselves, and gave a few away. If you want one, let me know!


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This is a part of a series of cleaning up post drafts from the past year (or more) from my blogger. This is probably more for my own enjoyment and sense of cleaning / organizing than your own!

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