Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baja 500 Scenery / Racers

Last May we went to Mexico to watch the Baja 500 and pick up our friend Jen as she finished her missionary stint there. You may remember seeing other pictures from our trips to Mexico in the past. Anywho, here is a grip of pictures from when we actually watched the race....
This is my sweet ride... every day....

Dinner in front of one of the race trucks.

Bikers came first. That's Jen taking a picture of one of the competitors.

Quads were next. The sponsored larger vehicles were often followed by helicopter.

The dirt in the back is how you can tell a truck or quad is coming.

Last to come were the trucks...

Pictures of people to come later this week.


This is a part of a series of cleaning up post drafts from the past year (or more) from my blogger. This is probably more for my own enjoyment and sense of cleaning / organizing than your own!

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