Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Gifts

I finished up a bunch of projects as Christmas gifts. To read more about them and their recipients, check out their project pages.

June 15 - Pirate Can Cozy for my Bro

October 1: Diamond Ridges Hat for Kaitlyn (the bro's girlfriend). Plan is to have a better picture on the project page. So go check it!

September 27: Openwork Crochet Hat for Alex (little cousin)

After I made it, she let me know she doesn't wear hats that often. So she received this instead...

January 5: Gina's Shells Scarf

I also made October 6: Octoberfest Doily Blanket for a friend's new baby. Which I am passing along soon!

Lucky her! Anyone want that white hat?


  1. My favorite is the diamond ridges hat - even the color is my favorite! Great job on all these gifts.

  2. Oh the blanket is just darling! I love it. :-) You were hard at work, I ended running out of time & had to resort to smaller projects as gifts this year. Maybe I'll have better luck next year! :-)

  3. Thank you girls! I planned it out pretty early, so I was able to make them in time. The sad thing is, the wrist warmers and hat were asked for last year. So I'm not as well intentioned as I appear! haha


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