Thursday, January 5, 2012


I wanted to share a few pictures from this last month, before it gets too far away! Our Christmas season was a bit crazy. We celebrated on Wednesday, just the two of us, Thursday with his family and then Friday through Tuesday in the Bay Area with my family. I have other posts for the trip.

Most important picture here -- the third one! It is the letter that Matt received when he was accepted into the fire academy!  Yay!

"Christmas" at our home, Matt made me wall- mountable pots

Skweaks (aka girl cat) obviously loves (or is rather apathetic about) Christmas

Matt's Acceptance into the Fire Academy! Woo!

Assortment of Christmas cookies that I gave to friends

Our city. How gorgeous is it??

Check out those muscles -- and he is doing the dishes! Double win!

Matt was excited to open up Tony Hawk for Wii!

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