Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Our family tradition is to have a nice, formal dinner on Christmas Eve. This year we decided to make it a bit more low key. It was low stress and lots of fun! Here are some pictures to document the night...

We went on a morning run. Crazy. I still can't believe I had the motivation!

Three soups (my dad & bro made the Tomato Bacon Basil, Matt & I made Baked Potato, and Mom made the Moroccan Lentil. All were delish!

New tradition -- good tequila before the guests arrive.

Pecan & Kahlua brie. So so good!

Emily and I -- NewlyWives!

My lovely mother, tired of me taking pictures. :)

Gift from Kaitlyn, Davis' girlfriend. She painted the pitcher so it is a chalkboard. Awesome!

New Christmas pajamas -- Santa always brings them on Christmas Eve!
There you have it. And have no fear... there are many more pictures to come. Some from my NEW CAMERA as well! :)

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