Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Celebrations

Our Christmas celebration lasted all weekend long. Again, I used my iphone to document it! :) You saw the Christmas Eve photos yesterday. Today, you get to see everything else. I also got a new camera for Christmas, but the iPhone is just so much easier to pull out and take a quick pic! I promise more +  better pictures soon!

We bought the pitcher from Crate & Barrel for my Mom and Matthew painted the spoon rest to match. Fabulous, right?

My Dad's handwriting... he totally gave himself a gift! haha

This Shaq bag has floated around for birthdays and Christmases for the past 10 or 15 years!

Wits and Wagers!

My cousin painted a tiki stein for my Dad

[pin]Striped wine glasses from my cousin. So awesome!

Emily explaining the Shaq bag!

My grandpa found really old home videos (that's him as a teen) and had them transferred onto discs and sent to my parents. Very cool!

Crocheting during the drive home (blanket is finished and amazing!)
I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our Christmas celebrations!


  1. So fun! Our family has so many bags that float around for years like the Shaq one too! :-) What stitch is that blanket? I love that!

  2. I wanna see the finished blanket....pretty please. =) Love the color.

  3. The blanket is a doily stitch, and you can see it here. Posted last week. :)


  4. wonderful glimpse,our family has one of those bags, ours is one with the Beatles on it..lol...how do you play "Wits & Wages"? I love to learn traditions other families do.... thank you for sharing. :) Debb

  5. Thanks! A Beatles bag, how fun! And we just bought the board game wits and wagers. Basically you are asked a numerical answered question and you write your response, ending with bets. It's fun!


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