Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sewn Christmas Gifts

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While most of my Christmas gifts were crocheted, I did manage to sew a few things. First, I made a sewing machine cover for my Mom in Law. She picked out the fabric and wanted a crazy pattern. So I just went with it. She really liked how it turned out, and I was glad to learn that I could wing it (no pattern) and make something fabulous!

I also made a cute little business card holder for my cousin. She works at a winery, so I thought the fabric would be perfect. I didn't have any of our full size Newly Wife cards, so I just put in my own (it needed to hold it's shape). I am supser happy with the final product -- and totally planning to make my own! Now... what fabric to use? Oh yes, and I used this tutorial.


  1. I REALLY like the card holder.

  2. LOVE the business card holder! I think I need to make myself one of those :o)

  3. Thanks ladies! I highly recommend that tutorial. So quick and easy!

  4. I really like the bus card holder really cute.

  5. Another commenter who loves the business card holder! I was just asking my mom today if she gave out her cards when she took some gifts to her friends, she said she couldn't find any in her purse! Made me think of this post - was it very time consuming to make?

    1. I think mine took less than an hour. Not too bad at all!


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