Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Uh oh

I just did a very bad thing... I opened up a Ravelry pattern search and typed in doily, accompanied by checkmarks on the crochet and free boxes.  It is safe to say we could very well have doily month coming up... or at least a week or two.  I should have never opened up this box of Pandora's!

Do you have a favorite doily pattern that I should add to the list?  What about a baby blanket pattern?  That is next on the search agenda, as I have 3 friends expecting in January!

Off to scour Ravelry some more!


  1. I've never crocheted a doily before. I think it is the fear of such a small hook. :) Can't wait to see the patterns.

    My cousin just had a baby and I was going to crochet Posie Gets Cozy's Tiramisu blanket, but decided on a baby mobile instead. It is a super cute pattern. I have it on my list to do next year.

  2. I will let you do all the doily research...it sounds too daunting for me. I do want to attempt doilies, though. I have cedar chest in my hall and I always think "a doily would look so cute there" but then I never take action. Story of my life.

  3. Missie - I just had a coffee & crochet date with a friend and she was making a tiramisu blanket. It is super cute! I think that is on ced back in feb. and I know I have the bird mobile from lion brand posted too!

    Megan - all it takes is a few clicks on ravelry and you will be changed forever. hahaha just kidding. But for reals, be on the lookout for more doily patterns soon. :)


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