Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4: Oh! Danny Boy Doily - COMPLETE

Pattern # 247:  Oh! Danny Boy Doily

Another day, another doily.  This one makes me think of my Irish roots.  Now, my mom requested yesterday's as a birthday gift (a little over a month away), but I think this one might be better!  What do you think?  And what color would you crochet it?

And guess what?  Next week starts another week of American Girl patterns -- I really need to get started on some for Christmas!


Updated 3/17/2011:  I actually finished this doily awhile ago, but forgot to post it until now.  I stopped 1 row shy of complete, because I had other projects to do and liked how it looked! hahaha  Here are some pictures that I took:

Next to it is the Tea Time Doily by Denise Augostine
I was a bit unhappy with this pattern, as it did not lie flat.  I finally got it blocked and starched and it is flat -- but definitely not a perfect little circle! haha  I did it in the purple colors for Easter (because purple is the color of Royalty).


  1. I prefer this one to yesterday's... It's refreshing to see a doily that's NOT pineapples.

  2. haha I'm glad you like this one! I think it is cool too, reminds me of one that we used to have in our house!


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