Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Completed Project!!

I am realizing that I will not be able to post about many completed projects soon -- they are all going to be Christmas gifts!  So this blog will have a major update come January!  But I can share this one.  I'm still not sold on this sweater, but it looks cute in this picture.  It is going to have to wait until it is really cold though,and I can wear it with a long sleeve shirt.  I think it will look better that way! But I wanted to get a picture up anyways!

Crocheting clothing was not much harder than crocheting anything else, but I think I was a bit more picky -- I can see many flaws right now.  And guage is ESSENTIAL!  Tell me, have any of you made clothing before?  Did you feel a major sense of pride and accomplishment?

If you are interested, you can check out my Ravelry Project page, or the orignal (and now updated) post on Crochet Every Day!


  1. Great job, Meg! The only sweater I've ever made was actually quite easy but big enough to fit two of me... That was about 20 years ago. LOL

  2. That is CUTE! The color looks really good on you, too, and is very fallish. Great job!

  3. Nice work! I'm impressed. Not that I know anything about crocheting more than a straight line, but still!


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