Wednesday, June 30, 2010

La Push Crochet Along: Update

I have been working very hard on my blanket, but I just did not finish in time. Maybe I bit off more than I could chew, maybe I planned on crocheting at a time when I couldn't... I was going to finish on our drive to and from Mexico this weekend, until hubby informed me that there would be 6 of us in his truck. Talk about a tight squeeze! haha Thankfully, we only had 4 for the return trip (no, we didn't leave 2 there... they just went in another car), but I had left my blanket at home for space reasons. I have almost completed the blanket though, and I probably just need a few more hours for those final rows of joining & the edging. I thought I would share my pics from Tuesday night though, when I tried to finish it...

This is when the kitten was just hanging out with me. She took a nap at the end of the couch as I joined rows...

My wonderful hubs took a picture of me, covered in my la push blankety goodness, on my phone! That bad posture is probably why my back hurts so much. :(

Can I really call her a kitten still? I mean, she is like 8 months old now... Anywho this is when I gave up. I could not get much more done, and she would not leave my lap.

Hopefully I will be able to finish up the blanket this weekend, and post completed pictures! Thanks so much to Missie for hosting this Crochet Along, I'm definitely going to do another one! And check out Missie's page, for pictures of her completed blanket!

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