Tuesday, June 22, 2010

La Push Crochet Along - Week 8

Granny Along Week 8

I cannot believe we are almost done with the Crochet Along! I am actually making some major progress. When you look at the picture below, with the square laid out, know that I completed the 2 in progress squares, and 2 more! So I only have 8 left! And weaving in the ends. I hate that part. Last night I wove in the ends on 5 or so squares, I figure it will be easier if I space it out in between crocheting these last few squares. We do have a long car ride on Friday, so I'm hoping I can get it done. But learning to join squares, while in the car, may be a challenge! haha

The extra task of this week: Describe your next project. Well, I have thrown a few in the mix while doing this one. I made some slippers for a friend and finished (finally!) that bunny egg cozy. Next I really need to finish the baby blanket for our friend (she's due July 20, so I have a bit of time) and work on onesies for my etsy shop. And, you know, open the etsy shop. :)

Check out Missie's post to see her progress as well.


  1. Wow, that's some great progress you are making there!

  2. Thanks, Lies! I can't wait to finish it up!


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