Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10: Garden Party Hat

Pattern #161: Garden Party Hat
I found this adorable hat pattern over at Favorite Crafts. It was designed by Alla Koval of My Little City Girl. I think this is the perfect little summer hat. It would look adorable on a baby girl -- or a little girl -- or maybe even me! She uses a diagram to explain the stitches -- I have never been able to follow those before, but maybe this will be the time. haha

Picture from Favorite Crafts:


  1. I just made it, the gauge is a little backwards, first 7 rows =4inches for baby, and lower for (5)child and (3)adult size. I wasn't thinking, just following, wound up with a hat for me instead of my baby. :) Luckily, I can tear it apart and start over.

  2. Oooh I would love to see pictures of it! Please send them my way!

    Well is it a cute hat for you? Maybe it's worth it! haha

  3. What email, or I could post to ravelry?

  4. yeah definitely post it on ravelry. my user name is themegababe, add me as a friend!

  5. It's there. Thanks for the inspiration.


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