Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Granny Along Week #7

We're in the home stretch - and I have so much left to do! On the other hand - I only have to do 2 more squares with green. Just those two squares need the 4 rows, and I'm done! Can you see what a mess my green thing of yarn is?

Oh, and I met my goal of finishing 11 squares (for a total of 15 complete) on Monday. I want to do 10 or more this week. I am not sure if I can make the June 30th goal, but I will keep trying! I should be weaving in my ends as I go. That is the most hated part of crocheting for me! haha

Question: What is your hook of choice?

I prefer metal hooks - I just think they are nicer. But they do tend to get squeaky when my heads are all sweaty in these hot So Cal summers. I think my stitches are also a bit larger when using metal, but I'm not 100% sure of that!

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  1. I love my metal hooks. Good love meeting your "quota" LOL!


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