Wednesday, April 10, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

As I have mentioned in years past, I love St. Paddy's Day. We get together with the same couple every year and do something fun to celebrate. This year started off extra special, as I won this scarf from Crafty Holly Louise.

How cute is this?  Holly's stitches are totally even and gorgeous, and I just adore the white flower that she put on it.

I seriously love it (and I'm not really a cowl person). If you want one, or something similar, feel free to check out her shop!

Also, we celebrated with Guinness Floats & Mint Swirled cookies with our dear friends, Kev and Linds. It was nothing compared to last year's feast of corned beef, cabbage, and Guinness & Bailey's cupcakes; but it was fun. And that's what counts. If you want the recipe for the cookies, check it out on FireWifey [and just FYI they are gluten free :) ]

Do you have St. Patrick's Day traditions? What about Easter, since, ya know, that has also happened since then? :)

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