Friday, March 30, 2012


This weekend was quite productive. For starters, I put up my Easter decor and painted my nails. Woo hoo!
Easter Decor 2012

Nail polish
Fun Pink & Purple Polka Dots
 I also started, and finished, a t-shirt rag rug. I have been wanting to make one of these for ages, but just never got around to it! My sis in law gave me a bunch of old clothes, so I decided to cut some of them up to make the rug.

T-shirt yarn
T-shirt yarn & yarn to be

T-shirt rug
The rug!
I know the lighting is horrible, but I REALLY wanted a picture when I finished it at 9 pm. My plan is to take better pictures and write up a little tutorial / pattern. If you want!


  1. That's a great idea to reuse old t-shirts! Love all the different colours in it as well :-)

  2. That t-shirt rug must have the best feel for your feet.

  3. Great rug is right! What size hook did you use?

  4. That is sooooo cool! I want to find some old t-shirts now... a hunt at the Goodwill may be in order!

  5. Do you have a pattern posted for the t-shirt rug? I'm sure it's easy, but you know...reassurance before you try it...

  6. Thanks everyone! It does feel wonderful on my feet and I LOVE the colors! I am trying to type up a pattern for it, but I have a few tips.

    First, I used a Q hook.

    Second, try to find stretchy cotton shirts. Like women's shirts. I can't think of how to describe them, but stiffer (maybe those are 100% cotton) shirts are harder to crochet with and are bulkier. Just make sure you have all of the same type of material for your shirts!

    1. I have a ton of super-stretchy shirts that I used to wear as part of my work uniform; but I may try making a floor cushion using your recommendations - GIANT BRIGHT PINK POUF THING. I have a big hook somewhere that I failed trying to make a plarn bag years ago, I wonder what size it is? No, you're not supposed to know the answer ;)

  7. I love the rug! And the nails too ;)


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