Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life, Unexpected Inspiration

Hey everyone!

I'm not gone, just busy with work.  It is so weird not having a post for every day.  So very weird.  Gives me more time to catch up on my google reader though! 

I also wanted to let you know I shared some of my crochet excitement over on my other blog, today.  I have been LOVING the hats that Luxe wears on Life, Unexpected... even though I don't think I can pull them off!  I think my sis in law is gonna get a new hat, more like the ones on the show.  My cousin wants one in white -- so I will have to get started on that too!

Any of you know any fantastic patterns for hats like these?  I will include a few teaser pics for you :)

I love seeing Kerr Smith play a straight guy (you know, cuz he was gay on Dawson's...)!  And the guy who plays Baze is pretty cute as well.  Have any of you watched this show?  And what do you think of her jacket??  I LOVE it!  Not what I imagine a foster kid wearing, though!

But go ahead... just click on over for the rest of the cuteness!

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  1. I found a ton of great slouchy style hats on Ravelry. Check out my faves and narrow the selection to hats. http://www.ravelry.com/people/BigGirlJewelry/favorites/patterns?q=hat&in=all


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