Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blankets, Coasters, & More!

I am in the middle of a few projects and wanted to share my progress with you!  I am making a girl baby blanket.  The precious baby, Alina, was actually born last week.  But it will be a bigger blanket, so she can get it late!  I have all of the purple (12) and white (4) squares done and 1 1/2 more pink to go.  Then it's just a matter of joining them together.  I have been weaving my ends as I go and it is making ALL THE DIFFERENCE! hahaha  I amusing the pattern from Dec 24 of last year! 

My love got me a Joanns gift card for Christmas, so of course I bought fabric -- I got some yarn too! haha  I have been wanting this Debbie Mum fabric for SOOO LONG!  It was on sale too.  Score!

What else is going on in my craft room?  Just some Valentines-ey love!  These squares are ready to become coasters for my etsy shop.  I am actually finishing cutting and just need to start sewing!  I am going to make some sweet potholders too!

ps. DIdy ou notice I hit 105 followers?  Crazy!  There will be a giveaway soon!
pps. I now have no idea how to title my posts!  The patterns names + date were just so easy!
pps. Sorry I get busy and forget to blog.  I do love you all very much!


  1. Ooh--I can't wait to see that blanket! Very pretty.

  2. ...and congratulations on reaching 105!! YAY!!

  3. What a pretty blanket that will be! Super cute fabric, too =)

  4. Thanks Mindy and MaryAnne! Just realized i did not post the pattern link... will do that right now!

  5. I love the colors you chose for the blanket AND I love that fabric with the balls of yarn print - you have such great taste!


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