Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lattes & Chocolate

So I am free to post whatever I want, whenever I want.  So crazy!  haha  I am thinking of merging this blog with my other one, to create or something.  Thoughts?  Anywho, I wanted to share a fun pattern that I found to purchase online...

Mini Chocolate and Latte Cups!

Reminds me of my crochet and coffee dates with my good friend Mel.  Last week, she was making a gorgeous sweater and I was working on a baby blanket for a friend.  So excited!


  1. So cute! They look so yummy. :D
    If they're hollow inside, you should put some coffee beans in there or somethin...

  2. I swear . . . the toppingon the latte's and the sweets just screams, "Make me and I'll end up on your hips thhrough osmosis!"

    So real looking.

  3. Really cute, I love the whipped cream!

  4. What a wonderful idea and no calories either!

  5. Stuffing coffee beans inside is a fantastic idea! And yes, cute coffee with no calories - it's a win-win!!

  6. Oh, gosh. It makes me want to real thing. Super cute!

  7. oh my what a scrumtious looking "latte" ...I wanted to reach out and take a quick sip....I love the platter.. and be sure to stop over and visit me on my blog..

  8. Hi! I am a new follower. I found you through Networked Blogs. I love this set, and I love all of the American Girl clothing you have made! I can't wait until morning so I can show my daughter. We have lots of AG dolls here. Do you have anything for the AG Bitty Twins and Bitty Baby?

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