Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3: Tent Scene Beanie - COMPLETE

Pattern #184: Bella Swan's Tent Scene Beanie

Originally, I was going to try and design my own pattern for this beanie.  However, since Amanda Dean has already created a crocheted pattern for the La Push beanie, I will just go with hers!  Here are some pictures from the movie, until I crochet this pattern myself.  Actually, I will just leave them here, because who doesn't like seeing Jacob? hahaha

Updated 3/17/2011: Mine definitely turned out very different, but it is because I wasn't really trying to make it look like the movie version.  I had some softer / paler yarn earlier, but  I used it for  the grocery bag that I made. haha  The colors that I used were bright, but perfect because they were already in my stash!  I also was crocheting in the dark, so some of my rows are a bit off (only that I did sc instead of hdc for a few rounds).

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