Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27: Pineapple Lace Shawl

Pattern #208:  Pineapple Lace Shawl

This pattern has some background information.  So here goes! haha  I go to a wonderful Bible study on Wednesday nights.  We are doing a Beth Moore study called Breaking Free.  It is FANTASTIC!   I love it.  If you haven't done a Beth Moore study.  You must.  She is a hoot! haha  Anyways, back to the crochet.  One of the ladies had these gorgeous doilies in her house.  She explained how a little old housebound lady made them, because she was bored and loved it.  I assumed it was tatting, and did not look too closely.  But the other day I took a look at them and realized they were crocheted.  Tiny, gorgeous, crochet.  It inspired me to find some more lacy / intricate crochet patterns.  There are actual doilies to come later this week, but I LOVE this shawl.  No idea where I would wear it, but it is gorgeous!

Picture from Karen Drouin for Caron Yarn:

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