Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Pattern #205: Chocolate Chip Cookie
It's the last day of food week. Well, this food week. I am sure that I will have another one. :) I foudn this pattern on the same blog as the licorice candies from Thursday. These have been in my delicious [pattern queue before I found out about Rav] for a very long time!

Picture from Imaginary Wardrobe:


  1. At this point, I'm just collecting food patterns from your queue to make for my niece as soon as she's old enough to understand that she can't actually eat them. This will look so cute with that crochet tea service in the back of my mind!

  2. I am glad to help you with your food pattern queue! And a crochet tea service -- sounds super cute! It makes me think of this pattern
    And Sky Magenta (the designer) has a few other patterns (for purchase) that would go perfect:
    I need to get up the courage to purchase and make one of her patterns!


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